So Carnal, it’s Spiritual

After some time in Dystopia, Ruby understood that his exile from Erosia was fueled by his distance from God. The Erosians worshipped a God whose name means ‘Animal’ – yet by deifying him, they forsook his animalism. God was seen as ‘perfect,’ and no one could live up to his image. Night Gem is a story of Erosia’s creation, which exposes its Gods as messy, suffering mortals. The story reminds people to honor their instincts, and to discover the holiness therein.  The enemy is within. The hero is within. The savior is within.

As Erica struggled to write the series, she was overwhelmed by the complexity of language. Her visions were pure and she felt unworthy of doing them justice. Yet over time, the characters came to life, and Erica saw her heart laid bare. Words poured through her as music once had. A vessel through which passion emerges. All her life, Erica felt too primal to live among others – but now, she understood why she was human. She was made to bring Erosia to Earth. Embracing her purpose, wholly and honestly, made her feel worthy of the name ‘Animal.’

‘Animal’ encompasses Erica’s carnal philosophy and spiritual journey. It reflects the innocent romanticism of Erica Xenne, the insatiable hunger of Prince Ruby Valentine, and the warrior spirit of Riki Jane Wild. Most importantly, ‘Animal’ captures the raw passion that marked her childhood. And when she called herself Animal on a forum, she met her soulmate and lured him from across the world.