The prefix Xen- means foreigner or stranger, and the suffix -Ne means ‘not.’ We are strangers to ourselves until we face the mirror and meet the eyes of humanity.   

Art was Erica’s first language, a mirror reflecting her soul. Breaking herself open onto an empty canvas, Erica bleeds her heart and unleashes her passion. Her life mission is to master the skills that enable her to lose herself entirely in the creative process and express something so primal that it’s universal, so that her art may be a mirror in which others see themselves.

In Erica’s youth, novels and music wrote themselves through her. She completed her earliest songs at age eight and wrote her first full novel by age eleven. Though she reveled in both mediums, her skill in music was far superior and it was obvious that this was her path. She dedicated her life to music – piano, singing, dancing, acting, practicing, performing – until age 16, when she contracted Chronic Lyme Disease. The illness nearly killed her. Though she recovered her faculties, her vocal cords were ruined and she was left speaking in a whisper forever. She was exiled from Erosia – her homeland, her passion.   

In the absence of direction and purpose, Erica was consumed by insatiable hunger. She devolved into isolated musings, poring over art, workouts and dreams in a desperate fight to process her loss. It seemed she was undead, but no longer human. By ripping herself down to the animal within, she embodied her most primal energy.  Her experience was so carnal that it was spiritual.

She unleashed passion into a variety of mediums and declared, “Art is the blood of the exile.” But nothing brought her catharsis as music once had. At the age of twenty-one, a vision for a fantasy trilogy expressed itself through her. She knew her life’s mission would be to channel these novels, but she was not ready. She still had songs to sing.

Burning with conviction, she summoned the ghost of her voice to rise from the ashes. She sang lead through her whisper, finished her unfinished songs, polished her piano parts, and allowed new material to write itself through her. The sound of her voice was elusive, broken and raw, but she persisted, building it up for years despite recurring health setbacks. She fought with blood, sweat and tears to capture any shred of potency, and beat the odds senseless.  Thus she organized a band, and branded it Erosian Exile. Along with the music emerged an allegorical story, The Legend of Erosia.

“My powerful voice was reduced to a whisper, but I am still a vessel through which passion emerges,” said she. “Take my voice, my hair, my mobility, my memory… but if you want my fire, you will have to kill me.” Through this battle, she was reborn as Erica Xenne, no longer a stranger to herself.

Of the three albums Erica composed, she was only able to record one – Slave to Freedom – before the illness caught up to her. She decided to turn her attention to writing and put the remaining albums on hold. For years, she practiced writing on forums until her eloquence improved and the story was readable to others. The legend of Erosia tied in with her novels and her world expanded organically. She is now tweaking the final edits of the first book in the trilogy.  

Her passion is to explore passion itself and her purpose is to be a vessel through which it emerges. This vessel is her very being, and she tweaks and refines it, forever honing the skill to bring Erosia to Earth. In her work, she strives to channel something so primal that it’s universal, so others may see their own reflection.  She hopes to unravel her soul until all that is left is the beat of her heart, dancing along to the rhythm of the world.