Slave to Freedom

Music Video Series

Born in a Box

Episode 1: Erica Xenne finds solace in her box, where she revels in music and dreams of Erosia. She ventures out of the box, hoping to find love, and meets the romantic Prince Ruby Valentine. Erica falls madly in love, only to be betrayed. But in the end, she returns to her box of dreams, refusing to give up on love. Ruby finds her there, but we must wonder – is it all a dream?

A Muse

Erica Xenne is alone in Dystopia, writing a song on her piano in a tiny room, surrounded by pictures of Ruby. As she writes the song, memories of their days together in Erosia come to life. She pictures him entertaining an audience with his guitar and imagines herself in his place, dancing and singing for them. In her memories she’s young and giddy, and madly in love. Ruby is still with her. It is only through music that she can return to Erosia.

Sleep on the Ceiling

Erica has met her true soulmate, Kilian, in Dystopia. She loves him, but she is haunted by memories of Prince Ruby Valentine and his betrayals. Falling asleep next to Kilian, she has nightmares of Erosia, after she found out Ruby was exiled. When she wakes up, Kilian is gone, and she worries that he betrayed her too – but he comes back and gives her a locket with the word “Erosia” in it, showing that he cherishes that part of her.

Live Videos

Erica Xenne

Mayor of Dystopia

I wanna be wrong and indiscreet

Lovesick Anthem

I always want what I can’t get, and you haven’t broken a sweat.

Lovesick Anthem – with Band

I’ll have to find a way to go on without you

Video Projects

Old Video Projects

The Web

All done in one night, with a new camera and new editing program. The song was recorded live the night before. None of this was planned!

Sound Art Tantrum

My thoughts on Sound Art class in the Boston Museum School of the Arts. The picture is also from Boston.