Children ask for entry.
Gentlemen earn entry.
Warriors force entry.
Kings build barriers to prevent entry.
Society is a dance of dominance and submission.
No different from the animal world.
The greatest distinction between man and beast
Is language.

Humans learn language and master phrases,
but cannot explain why…
… why.
Why do they wake up in the morning?
Why do they deny their instincts?
So many words… so little sense.

Animals build barriers out of claws and teeth.
Humans build barriers out of language.
These tangled gates keep enemies at bay.
Yet they are defenseless against honesty, purity…
… love.

Tigers thrive in the wild
Beautiful, raw and alive.
No gates.
No walls.
No corporate routines.
Just sheer brutality
Naked desire.
Territory is communicated through scent
Life is dominance, possession and surrender.
No questions… no answers… no lies.
Nature speaks for itself.

This is beauty.
This is freedom.
This is Erosia.

Some humans are of the Earth, while others are Erosian Exiles.
We adapt to survive, just as animals do.
But we honor our hearts.

We harness the language of the world
Not to obstruct, but to reveal.

When our rhythm is broken, we seek to realign,
because we remember our origin.
And we understand our purpose
is to bring Erosia to life.

We are vessels for our passion
and our commitment is to polish the vessel
so the truth may emerge, unobstructed.
We practice techniques routinely
And we break ourselves open and bleed.

Fueled by the flame of desire
We burn through our lies
Until there is nothing left
But ash and charcoal
On charred terrain.

With our blood, claws and teeth,
We paint the world.

We destroy ourselves to create
Art is the blood of the exile
The weapon of a lover
Conquering civility
To free the heart.

This is the balance between passion and purpose.
This is language.  Mastery.


Artists inspire entry.
They lure with their beauty,
And undress the soul.
They build the mirrors that reveal the universe.
And in those mirrors, others may see themselves bare

May I always be an Artist.
Never a Warrior, never a Gentleman, never a King.
May I never be content.
May I never forget Erosia.