Aera is raised in the commune as a ‘Samie.’ Yet her prescient dreams and extraordinary sensibilities alert her that she is not the same. She dreams of a life outside the commune and seeks to discover who she is.


Though Cyrrus strives to transcend his emotions, he is haunted by his past. He will stop at nothing to master the structures that bind him. In his determination to rule the world, he weaves a web of intrigue and deceit.


Vaye is mysterious, elegant and wise. Everything about her is different. Between her swan-like grace and mystical aesthetic, she seems to come from another world.

Hidden Star

During her journey into the unknown, Aera encounters many mysteries. The hidden star is most gripping of all. As he arouses her passion and enchants her dreams, she hopes against all hope that he might be real.

Panther Woman

Magic is only a fantasy… until Panther Woman shows up. With her primal aesthetic and feline beauty, she carries the promise of a better world.

Night Gem

About the Art

All art is original, unless otherwise specified.

I use Midjourney to create AI art, which I alter and collage on Photoshop. I’m always looking to commission real artists, but I include my own art to share my visions. This imagery has eaten me alive for decades, but my efforts to translate it from 3D to 2D have failed.

If you’re an artist and Night Gem inspires you, feel free to reach out and offer your commission prices! If you’re a reader or a fantasy lover, welcome to Oreni. 🔥

Book 1: This Boundary Will Not Bind Us