During the years following my deepest trauma, I did a photo montage of the nightmare I was living in. Every route lead me deeper into myself.

The first page, called “Prescription and Instructions” – is a tape. If you click on the tape, then a pop-up appears, and you can scroll inside its bounds endlessly, clicking on various parts of each photo to find where it leads. Some will lead in circles, back where you came from; others will take you elsewhere.


I put this together in 2002, in Art College.  An instructor introduced me to Adobe Image Ready for the sake of simple layovers.  On the first day, I began laying my old pictures over each other and creating interactive montages that linked to each other.  Day after day, I went back to the studio to add my most meaningful and personal photos to the story.  

At the time, my teachers brought in some industry guy who said nobody had ever done something like this before.  According to him, I had invented a new medium.

The html didn’t work on my server, so my friend Devon uploaded it to his. (Thanks Devon! Also, shoutout – his website is pretty cool too!  He’s a painter, graphic designer, photographer and poet.)

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