Erica Xenne & Prince Ruby Valentine

Erosian Exile

So carnal it's spiritual.

Eri & Ruby

Erosia is a primal paradise with an individualistic culture. Our mission is to bring its essence to Earth.

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Erosian Exile

Our band is called EROSIAN EXILE, and the music harkens the beauty of our homeland.

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Night Gem

Erica's series, NIGHT GEM, follows the Gods of Erosia when they were still mortals, living on the planet Oreni.

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Prince of Erosia

Ruby's series, PRINCE OF EROSIA, details his battle to save Erosia, which led to his exile.

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What is Erosia?

The enemy is within.
The hero is within.
The savior is within.

Erosia is a primal paradise with an individualistic culture. Over time, dark forces waged an information war, and lured the Erosian people to worship their creators. Instead of honoring the parallels between nature and human, they outsourced their power to deities. Their way of life was forgotten.

Prince Ruby Valentine fought to save the soul of Erosia. To remind the people to harness their power, he tried to emulate the founders by becoming a God himself. With his beloved at his side, he burned the temples and caused chaos. These events led to exile.

The two reunited in Dystopia, shared memories of their past life, and vowed to continue their journey. Erica’s series, NIGHT GEM, exposes the Gods as messy, suffering mortals. Ruby’s series, PRINCE OF EROSIA, details his battle against corruption. They hope to bring the essence of Erosia to Earth, and return to save their homeland after death.

Fantasy Series by Erica Xenne & Elliott Lash

Night Gem

Book 1: This Boundary will not Bind us

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Erosian Exile

Slave to Freedom

So carnal it's spiritual

“I’m not creative. All I have is hunger. I bleed onto the stage, sing myself raw, dance and fight, but I still need more. I’ll burn myself alive a thousand times, if only for a taste of salvation. I want to take you home, back to Erosia, where we belong. But we are still here, and nothing is ever enough. Forgive me, Cailēna. I’m an animal.”
– Nokoma, God of Erosia