God of Erosia

Nokoma purrs, relishing the touch of her strong, graceful hands. He trembles as her breathy voice pronounces the word: ‘Angel.’ With a delighted growl, he rubs her inner thigh.

“A fallen Angel, exiled from heaven… but I never… stop… chasing it.” With each word, he coaxes her legs further apart.

As she surrenders, Nokoma indulges with renewed vigor. His grip is forceful, his teeth burrow deep, and his wings soar behind him, black as night. Each thrust is more desperate than the last, as though death is watching, and the last remnant of life is buried deep within her sacred seas. If only he were strong enough, fast enough, shameless enough to claim it once and for all. He pulls her hair, grasps her back, devours her breasts with aching need. As he falls into delirium, a thundering voice rages from deep inside him.

“You’re mine,” he roars. “You will not leave me.”