Erosian Exile

So carnal it’s spiritual.

Erica Xenne & Prince Ruby Valentine

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Art is the blood of the exile

“I’m not creative. All I have is hunger. I bleed onto the page, sing myself raw, dance and fight, but I still need more. I’ll burn myself alive a thousand times, if only for a taste of salvation. I want to take you home, back to Erosia, where we belong. But we are still here, and nothing is ever enough. Forgive me, Cailēna. I’m an animal.”
Nokoma, God of Erosia

Fantasy Series by Erica Xenne with Elliott Lash

Night Gem

Book 1: This Boundary will not Bind us

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Erosian Exile

Slave to Freedom

Erica Xenne

Bringing Erosia to Earth

Music was Erica’s first language; a mirror reflecting her soul. Her singing career was taking off when a tragic illness ravaged her. She would fight for her life indefinitely, and could never sing again. Without passion and purpose, she was utterly unhinged, until the vision struck her: Erosian Exile.

Through songs and stories, photos and videos, visions of Erosia came to life. It became clear that Erica is more than a musician. She is a vessel through which passion emerges. Singing through her whisper, she led her band, Erosian Exile – but as her vocal cords deteriorated, writing became her new voice. Her fantasy series, Night Gem, reveals the origins of Erosia.

Regardless of the medium, Erica works tirelessly to master the skills that enable her to lose herself in the creative process. She strives to express something so primal that it’s universal. To awaken the animal within is to bring Erosia to Earth.


Art is the blood of the exile.

The Night Gem

After Erica lost her voice, she was left undead, stripped of purpose. Then, one afternoon, she and a friend were holding a crystal ball. As the sunlight shone upon the quartz, Erica imagined a galaxy of stars. She envisioned two characters holding a magical orb in another dimension. A universe unfolded in tremendous detail, with complex characters, foreign species, and monumental events. In that magical moment, Night Gem was born.

Erica shared her vision with her childhood friend Elliott, who offered to contribute his original languages and history. She was resistant to adopt an outside story… but the two soon discovered their worlds were eerily alike. It was as though they both remembered the same planet. Erica drafted the first two books, but her writing skills left much to be desired, and her flow was blocked. Music had left a gnawing hole in her heart. To become worthy of her magnum opus, she needed to reconcile her past and reclaim her innocence.

Erosian Exile

“Erosian Exile!” Erica sprung up from the floor. “That’s it!”

The name came as if from nowhere. Erosian Exile. Erica grew up on stage, with a music career by age thirteen. Yet she was exiled from her passion when she lost her voice to a tragic illness. After several vocal cord surgeries, she found herself singing through her whisper. The sound was broken and raw, but her passion boiled and music erupted. Soon enough, she had a few albums’ worth of songs. As the ghost of her voice rose from the grave, she embodied the Erosian Exile.

At first, Erosian Exile was nothing more than a band name. Yet Erosia had a will of its own. The complex journeys of her psyche unraveled through various mediums and her songs wove together into concept albums. As she acted out scenes with friends, the story of Erosia unfolded.

Legend of Erosia

Erica directed her heartbreak songs at a guitarist, Prince Ruby Valentine. The seducer had his own past life memories which became integral to the story of Erosia.

The saga began when Prince Ruby killed the Queen in childbirth. He viewed himself as poison, forsook his royal duties and desperately sought reprieve. As his many liasons led to heartache, he was exiled from Erosia for failing to believe in love. In Dystopia, he had more distance, and understood why.

Erosians worshipped a God whose name means ‘Animal’ – yet by deifying him, they forsook his animalism. God was seen as ‘perfect,’ and no one could live up to his image. Ruby envisioned The Night Gem as a story of Erosia’s creation, which would expose its Gods as messy, suffering mortals. He hopes the story will remind people to honor their instincts, and to discover the holiness therein. 


Without a Muse, Music is just Math


Language, Erica grumbles. Music is divine symmetry. I hate words.

Back in Erosia, Erica channeled the heavens and hells through her singing voice. Prince Ruby never spoke, except through the arts. But here in Dystopia, these erudite cyborgs fixate on words. Erica seethes. I don’t belong here!

And of all things, what is Erica relying on to impart her vision? Words. She would prefer creating a movie, but if she can’t produce it herself, the story would no longer be her own. She can’t draw, and her singing voice is gone. All that’s left is to write.

Words. Detached from the body. Stuck on a screen. Lost in the head. Erica was born to be in her hips, her hands… her voice. She was made to speak the universal language. All her life, she understood that words were just… math.

Until she met her Muse.

Kilian is a man of few words whose observations speak volumes. Over the years, his language of archetypes breathed life into Erica’s words. As he decodes natural law, his discoveries evolve into symbols and religions in The Night Gem. And here on Earth, the two found a tribe of likeminded magical folks. They express their passions and explore archetypal energies on their forum Archetribe and on their Discord.