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What is your current plan for the next 5 years of your life? If you do not have one, explain why not. How do you feel about planning out your life long term?
To ensure the outcome of a five-year plan, one must sacrifice his firstborn son to Lucifer in exchange for a promise to spare him of death, illness, world economy crashes, wars, and other unforseen obstacles. Considering Lucifer is brutally jealous of me, I’ll pass.

What are your thoughts on language? Do you notice the intricacies in grammar? Does dissecting communication fascinate you?
Language is a weapon used to manipulate the masses, and the worst among us – such as politicians and lawyers – are masters of it. In an ideal utopian world, I’d take a vow of silence and speak only through the arts, but I am too cowardly to endure the negative attention I would draw by resisting common expectations.

How do you find physical comfort? Are you good at it? Would you take advice from others on the subject?
Maintaining beauty of my caliber can be quite uncomfortable – unless I remember to flaunt my “lounge like a cat” pose, which drives women to ruin.

Are your feelings obvious to you? Do you feel that you properly handle your emotions? Why or why not?
Emotions? Cracks knuckles. Hand me my beer.

How do you feel about authority? Should you listen to it? Should others?
Hey, love, could you do me a favor? Explain “authority” to me like I’m two years old. Some teacher harped on about it in school, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was too busy thinking for myself.

Do you believe you have strong reasoning skills? How about others? Are you willing to argue about facts and data? Why or why not?
Do you want me to argue, dear? I am programmed to please.

Describe something you find aesthetically pleasing. What would make it more pleasing? How about less pleasing? Do you take your opinion seriously?
Women. Once upon a time, I competed with God, and he challenged me to improve upon the women he created. Sadly, I could not possibly do better. Could you? Indeed, my opinion is as serious as it gets. I am the finest among aesthetes.

Do you trust your internal reactions towards people? Do you find yourself to be judgmental? Do you wish your way of being was different?
Judging people is not my interest, but I am the music snob of the century. I dare you to test me. When I wish to be different, I recreate myself. I am not here to be, but rather, to become.

How does it feel to think of the future? Is there a purpose you are trying to align yourself with?
My purpose is my lifeblood. If you unravel me, I might expound on it in private.

How do you organize information? How does it feel during the process? Is it enjoyable or not?
Information is easier than people, but people are more arousing.

Do you have a daily routine? Is it ideal? Would you change it for others?
Routines despise me, but I could be lured by a bossy temptress to persuade a routine to give me a chance, at least until I find a bloodthirsty wildling who kicks me back into my usual chaos.  

Describe one of the best moods you have ever been in. What made it the best? How about the worst mood? Is this exercise easy or difficult for you?
At my best I embody agape and vibrate with boundless love. :spinningsun: At my worst I am a black void of chaos and morbid despair. Sadly, I am rarely in between.

What is your greatest strength? How do you show this to others? Use examples if possible.
I am driven to embody a dream. Be careful what you wish for.

In what ways are you resilient? In what ways are you an inspiration to others?
My passion for beauty knows no bounds.

What is your biggest fear? How do you deal with this fear?
I used to mirror the desires of others to avoid rejection, only to feel unseen and ultimately leave. Now, I am on a mission to embody catharsis, so I will be loved for who I am. So far, I remained authentic even in the face of rejection – and the rejection destroyed me, but I did not back down.

What feels like a waste of time to engage in? How would you get through it?
Our time does not belong to us unless we buy it back. Thus I am studying the workings of money and trading, so I might feed the fantasy of escaping the entrapments of a broken society. After all, when reality is hopeless, there’s always an idealistic daydream.
Are you a leader? Explain what qualifies or disqualifies you as one.
I am lazy and submissive. If you are a leader, come and save me from myself.

When do you feel the most collaborative with others? Does this happen often?
I am a fan of “collaborating,” or rather, falling prey to the agendas of hot bossy women.

Do you overcome doubt and hesitance? Explain why or why not.
Ask my panic attacks.

Do you yield to others? If so, in what situations do you do this? How do you feel about it?
Me? Yield? Never.

25 Things

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I was exiled from Erosia because I was born a Prince, but could not behave as royalty were expected to behave. Now that I’m in Dystopia, I am often complemented and sometimes criticized for my gentlemanly manners.

2. I adore Muses. Regardless of shape, gender, age, proximity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, criminal record, creed, religion, species, color, history, marital status, career, past mistakes or future plans – if you are a Muse I want to be around you.

3. My dear friend Dick likes to describe me as a vampire. This is an overstatement. The Valentines are rumored to have descended from vampires, and that is why the assumption has been made about me. While I will admit to feasting on the dreams of others and succumbing to vivid passions, I will not take responsibility for sucking anyone’s soul. If you have no soul that is your own damn fault, and likelihood is, if that were the case, I wouldn’t be interested in you in the first place.

4. That being said, vampires do not feed on the blood of the dead, and I do not have any interest in the living dead. I love life and I love people who live it. Those who meet all their obligations mechanically and cower away from their natural urges do not hurt or annoy me, but I walk right past them as though they are a piece of furniture or a wall.

5. Giving beautiful gifts to beautiful people tickles my pickle.

6. If I see you in a dream, I might write a song about you. If I see you in many dreams, I might record it. If I am not sure whether we are awake or asleep, I might give the recording to you, or more ideally, serenade you in person.

7. I am aroused by brown leather. That’s right, aroused.

8. I am most fascinated by things I am afraid of. For example, birds.

9. “Freedom broke the exile’s heart.” My pursuit of freedom became my greatest commitment and now I have abandoned the ironic and nonsensical idea of pursuing freedom, which leaves me more free, without pursuit, but also quite unsure what to strive for.

10. I cannot kiss you if I don’t love you. Love may be a momentary and fleeting emotion, like happiness, anger, sadness, or fear – but if I don’t feel it at the moment, I cannot bring myself to go through the motions physically.

11. I believe there should be at least one hundred words for “love” in the English language. If we are discussing a pure feeling – I have “fallen in love” many times, and always at first sight, because I can often sense someone’s inner workings quickly- and I will probably love them forever, but the nature of the relationship may change. If we are discussing an everlasting, committed best friend and life partner whose needs and desires are a higher priority to me than my own, only Ms. Xenne has known me well enough to claim my heart in such a way.

12. It’s not me that is dirty. It’s you. I just enjoy playing out your fantasies. I promise.

13. I will cut off my ring finger before I’ll cut my hair.

14. As stated in my “about me” box- I have a fetish for opposites, specifically pairs in which one is white and the other is black. I like to be the third point on the triangle.

15. I have been trying to choose an appropriate pet reptile. I’m considering a pair of bearded dragons, or a very large, thick snake. However I have no home of my own and Ms. Xenne has a cat, so I am not sure where I would store these reptiles, unless I could train them to sleep on my body and travel with me at all times.

16. My favorite pastimes are swimming, flying, and playing guitar.

17. I take frequent long walks by myself, or sometimes with my camera, which has a mind of its own.

18. I am sexually attracted to my SG as I am to a lover. Sometimes I feel inadequate and fear to touch it.

19. My mother was the Queen of Erosia and she died in childbirth, giving birth to me. When I was a child, other children in Erosia tauntingly chanted, “Ruby killed the Queen! Ruby killed the Queen!”

20. In Erosia there is no such thing as money. Perhaps this is why I prefer to trade, give, and accept gifts, rather than buy or sell things.

21. I have an addictive personality. I indulge addictions one after another. At this point I have replaced some self-destructive addictions with more attractive addictions, like music, photography, exercising, and writing. I have done this only to please Ms. Xenne.

22. I ravage as much steak as I can get my hands on.

23. My favorite time of day is between 3am and 7am, because I love to watch the sunrise and I crave to be alone. In the summers, I like to spend these hours outside. In the winters, I may write, take pictures, or hunt for fresh music, ideas, pictures, or blood online.

24. I cannot describe in words what Music does to me, so please forgive me for failing to address that in this list. It might be accurate to say Music is the only religion I’ve connected with, and hearing or playing Music is the closest I have come to what others describe as experiencing God, nirvana, heaven, or hell.

25. When Emma told me she saw me in a dream, she aroused senses that remind me of my days in Erosia. There is no place I would rather be than in the dreams of a beautiful and inspiring lady, especially one who awakens fiery passion and draws Music out of me just by daring me to try to reach the stars in her eyes.